Acer Liquid Metal with Vodafone to 399 € from November

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Acer Liquid Metal for pre-order from Media World to 399 €

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Acer Liquid Metal: overview full in 6 video [Updated: video in Italian by]

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Available in Android Gingerbread (V20e) LG Optimus One branded Wind

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Android 2.3 Gingerbread for HTC Desire Z will come at the end of June

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HTC Wildfire S from Mediaworld to 299 €

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HTC Desire Z available from Expansys

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One S HTC on offer at Snapfish to 489 €!

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Acer Liquid Mini will arrive in Italy (press release)

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White LG Optimus 3D comes in and offer to 399 €

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LG Optimus 3D Gaming Edition with 14 Gameloft games free!

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LG Optimus Life, the complete Android experience within the reach of all

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MWC 2012 – The transcripts of TuttoAndroid

MWC 2012 - The transcripts of TuttoAndroid

At Mobile World Congress 2012 that has just ended, we were able to closely observe many interesting devices, both smartphones Android tablet, including someone and liked more, some less. There to say, however, that the various companies that have exhibited their products at the event, wanted to implement strategies for different market. See Samsung, which did not "fury" all'MWC presenting the Galaxy S3 as most of those present had expected, but still collected cautious support. On the contrary, there is great sweep that Huawei has introduced on many devices, especially smartphones, all-powerful and very good, who made a good impression at all. The same Sony has chosen to present its new top of the range, Xperia S, and the other two of the new Xperia range, P and U. The same applies to HTC, which he presented a new series of Android smartphones One.

Different strategies, therefore, that only time will tell if they helped or not. Without losing further talk, let's take a look at our report cards.


Huawei company definitely revived towards the end of 2011, has decided to start 2012 with a nice portfolio of Android smartphones also with regard to the high-end dual-core and quad-core. Performance and elegance at the forefront, perhaps the department improved battery and graphical interface. Rating 8.0.

– Huawei Ascend P1: device performance but less elegant P1S. Rating: 7.0.

– Huawei Ascend P1S: powerful and elegant, often only 6.68mm. Rating 7.5.

– Huawei Ascend quad D: top performance with small size compared to the competition. Rating 8.5.

– Huawei Ascend D1: handsome dual-core with care to the design and quality of construction. Suitable for mid-range. Rating 7.5.


Acer producer who perhaps took less news at MWC 2012 but nonetheless and been busy this year. We have a top of the range and a very attractive entry-level Android ICS. Rating 7.5.

– Acer Iconia Tab A510: dua-core tablet with a very smooth and fast. Rating 8.0.

– Acer Liquid Glow: 1GHz processor, 3.8-inch display and Android ICS. 7.0 rating.

– Acer CloudMobile: elegant and handsome, a bright display and a very fluid. Rating 8.5.


ASUS: surely the most beloved producer for Android updates, tried again this year to bring innovation on their desks and did it. Rating 8.5.

– ASUS Padfone: from smartphones to tablet and vice versa without loss of performance and elenganza. Rating 8.5.

– ASUS Transformer Pad 300: a new top of the range more solid that joins the Transformer Prime. Rating 8.0.


HTC: after a month off back on the scene High Tech Computer Corporation. At MWC 2012 has led to several phones, batteries and little differentiation "poor". The highlight again the collaboration with Beats, the weak point of the new astronomical prices. Rated 6.5.

– HTC One X – the Tegra 3 processor is felt, the display is very large, and equipped with NFC but the battery leaves much to be desired and the price and really exaggerated. Rating 7.5.

– One HTC S – beautiful design, the thinnest HTC ever. Dual-core that performs well but the battery and its Achilles heel. Smartphone medium-high. 7.0 rating.

– HTC One V – more than anything else and a redesign of the already known HTC Legend came out 2 years ago. Nothing new. Rating 5.5.


Sony: Recently acquired entirely Ericsson and is ready to pounce up a new brand. No more Sony Ericsson Xperia but rather a shorter and convincing Sony Xperia. At MWC 2012 lifted the veil from 3 smartphone really elegant as performance. Rating 8.5.

– Sony Xperia S: in a dual-core, shell out a elegant and noble. Rating 8.5.

– Sony Xperia P: brother of the Xperia S for both aesthetic for hardawre. Rating 8.0.

– Sony Xperia U: and dedicated to a more low-end but did not forget about the quality. Rating 8.0.


Motorola: The winged house is experiencing a period not too rosy and MWC did not bring anything too interesting. An entry-level super-strong, a smartphone for young people and its new Xoom in different sizes. Could do better. Rating: 6.5.

– Motorola Xoom 2: good-looking, smooth and solid that is 10.1-by 8.2 inches. Rating 8.5.

– Motorola Defy Mini: entry-level, but super tough phone niche? Rating 6.0.

– Motorola Motoluxe: dedicated to young people and can be seen, the performance is not too uplifting. Rated 6.5.


LG: good intentions, interesting products, but surely there is something to improve. Rating: 6.5.

– LG Optimus L3: the hardware we have already seen, the software instead seems better. Rating: 6.5.

– LG Optimus L5: L3 hardware better, but still an entry-level but with the NFC and ICS. Rating: 7.5.

– LG Optimus L7 seems to say "but I can not." The vote and the result of it. Rating: 6.0.

– LG Optimus 4X HD: a quad-core performance with a bright display, and not everything that glitters but what hours. 7.0 rating.

– LG Optimus 3D Max: 3D a little better, you can see more performance and design. Rating 8.0.


Samsung Galaxy S3 and missed very much but were revealed interesting devices including Tablet and Smartphone. Good idea to reach the S-Pen Tablet of the world but perhaps a bold move to market a smartphone with a projector. Rating 7.5.

– Samsung Galaxy Beam: even of doubtful utility, the projector and very powerful. Less than the rest of the phone. Rating 6.5

– Samsung Galaxy Ace 2: Dual-Core 800 MHz, we expect low power consumption and high performance. Rating 8.0

– Samsung Galaxy Mini 2: there is perhaps little more than the Mini, probably a simple upgrade. Rating 6.0

– Samsung Galaxy S Advance: high performance, yet contained, act just as an upgrade of the Galaxy S. Rated 6.5.

– Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7: pocket-size, useful with Honeycomb. Certainly better than a 7-inch. Rating 7.5.

– Samsung Galaxy Tab 2: Only a Tablet 10 "more in the portfolio, perhaps a wrong choice. 6.5 rating.

– Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1: the second main character, a performance with more high notes, pen and 10 "display. Rating: 9.0.


ZTE: We provide only an overall judgment as has produced no less than 12 Android devices none of them convincing way down. The company has big ambitions. He wishes to become 3rd world leader in the production of smartphones in 2013 but the ZTE seemed a bit 'arrogant, exaggerated and ambition for now. In any case, there are all the good intentions. The ideas are there but there is no content. Rating 5.5.


Panasonic recently entered the world of Android in a serious way, at MWC 2012 has brought an interesting smartphone. It is not, however, tried too and even design. 7.0 rating.

– Panasonic Eluga: device handsome and elegant, perhaps a bit 'too edgy. 7.0 rating.


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