Acer Liquid Metal with Vodafone to 399 € from November

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Acer Liquid Metal for pre-order from Media World to 399 €

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Acer Liquid Metal: overview full in 6 video [Updated: video in Italian by]

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Available in Android Gingerbread (V20e) LG Optimus One branded Wind

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Android 2.3 Gingerbread for HTC Desire Z will come at the end of June

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HTC Wildfire S from Mediaworld to 299 €

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HTC Desire Z available from Expansys

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One S HTC on offer at Snapfish to 489 €!

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Acer Liquid Mini will arrive in Italy (press release)

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White LG Optimus 3D comes in and offer to 399 €

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LG Optimus 3D Gaming Edition with 14 Gameloft games free!

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LG Optimus Life, the complete Android experience within the reach of all

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LG Optimus Dual, upgrade V20q here is the Videochat

LG Optimus Dual, upgrade V20q here is the Videochat

Come good news for owners of LG Optimus Dual, dual core Android smartphone that today receives a new update, which brings the firmware version of the long-awaited V20q. With it are resolved many of the problems in the previous release V20l and also the Optimus Dual should look more powerful and more stable, thanks to targeted measures.

The update is available for a few hours and on the official Facebook page of LG and can view the full changelog of the update that we have the following:

  • Fixed some connection problems with On-Screen Phone after restarting the service
  • Fixed a problem due to corruption of the file that caused the misfire batterystats.bin smartphone
  • On the "compcache" to improve the performance of limited availability of RAM
  • Fixed some force close issues in the preloaded applications
  • Fixed issue of missing USB icon when your smartphone is connected to the PC and press the home button
  • Implement the most recent security patches Google
  • Implemented video chat via Google Talk
  • Fast dormancy enabled with 3G connection active in deep sleep mode to resolve problems of excessive consumption of battery
  • Correct operation of brightness automatically in Camera
  • Improved speed and responsiveness of sliding homescreen launcher in LG
  • Implemented a fix to prevent memory leaks using Wi-Fi
  • Solved the problem of non-GPS fix off and accendendendo smartphone with GPS off
  • Fixed problems connecting to Wi-Fi networks with up to 13 channels
  • Google implemented the GMS r9
  • Enabled SIP functionality
  • Improved the recovery of the network after being in an area with no coverage
  • Fixed some problems that prevented them from making calls with network coverage
  • Fixed problems that prevented to enable or disable the Wi-Fi
  • Improved stability of the smartphone with a kernel patch
  • Improved display lighting after awakened from sleep mode smartphone, which now takes place in a more fluid
  • Implemented the Google Music
  • Fixed compatibility issues with the call list Bluetooth installed in Ford cars
  • Improved battery indicator implementing notches 5% instead of 20%
  • Removed the App Advisor service has been closed since the end of 2011
  • Added applications and Google+ Google+ Messenger
  • Implemented the Backup & Restore Google
  • And 'possible to install the update in two different ways, via PC or over the air.

    Using a PC: Connect the Optimus dual to a PC connected to the Internet, download the application B2C PC (download), be sure you have correctly installed all the drivers for the device and then run the application and follow all instructions for the update of the device.

    OTA: connect to the Internet with your smartphone and go to Settings -> About phone -> Software Updates -> Check new software.

    LG also apologizes for the delay of the release of this update, but the reason for this delay and in the fact that LG has deliberately wanted to wait so that you can release a firmware bug-free as much as possible.

    So, you installed the update? What are your first impressions?


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