Acer Liquid Metal with Vodafone to 399 € from November

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Acer Liquid Metal for pre-order from Media World to 399 €

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Acer Liquid Metal: overview full in 6 video [Updated: video in Italian by]

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Available in Android Gingerbread (V20e) LG Optimus One branded Wind

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Android 2.3 Gingerbread for HTC Desire Z will come at the end of June

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HTC Wildfire S from Mediaworld to 299 €

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HTC Desire Z available from Expansys

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One S HTC on offer at Snapfish to 489 €!

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Acer Liquid Mini will arrive in Italy (press release)

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HTC One: impressions and comments

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Huawei Ascend G600: first impressions and videoanteprima from

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White LG Optimus 3D comes in and offer to 399 €

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LG Optimus 3D Gaming Edition with 14 Gameloft games free!

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LG Optimus Life, the complete Android experience within the reach of all

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HTC: endless crisis

HTC: endless crisis

In this time of great crisis in the world, there are very few companies that are able to maintain good profits both incoming and outgoing. Among the great illustrious company, we have come to know very well over the years and who are in crisis, there is HTC. Already in 2011 the turnover was down 39.5%, but the hope was that this year with the presentation of the series One could recover the situation. Unfortunately, so does not seem to be and in fact was on Monday and the news that the company has also closed the quarter with a loss. This is the fourth in a row that ended in the negative with a total loss of 79%. It 'sa paradox read these heavy losses for a company that was the first standard-bearer and the point of reference in the Android world until 2010, when he had to pass the baton to Samsung. Last year, the announcement of large losses, HTC announced that for 2012 was planned a change in marketing and they would focus more on quality than on quantity.

And so was but unfortunately the efforts have failed to bring the desired results. While HTC One S was and is a great smartphone, the top range from the One X since suffered from problems related to the software that were resolved in conjunction with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S III, but unfortunately it was too late. From the latter, the financial situation of the company in Taiwan and worsened up to the latest data released Monday. According to the upper floors, one of the main causes of the crisis would lie precisely in the competition from Samsung.

In recent years Samsung, thanks to its products, and managed to carve out a good chunk of the smartphone market in the world at the expense of its Android HTC. Now that the recovery seems difficult, the parent company of the series One decided economically weaken the home South Korean starting to buy the various hardware components necessary for the production of its smartphones from other companies. Recall that HTC is supplied by Samsung CMOS sensors for cameras – which from now on will buy by Sony and Omnivision – both AMOLED display. For the latter, the situation and delicate because the company that they should produce (AU Optronics) would not be able to fully meet the number of orders, so part of this request will still satisfied by Samsung.

Between HTC and Samsung then there is bad blood but of course 95% of the liability is not sure but Samsung HTC itself. In fact, one of the causes that have contributed to the decline of the company and the bad name that over the years and built for the poor management of technical assistance, as well as other reasons that added together have contributed to the flop. Now HTC hopes for revenge with his new Android device, the One X +, with the new range of smartphones Windows Phone 8 (8X and 8S) and a further change in marketing.

Well that HTC will reconsider its plans because not enough reliable but is churning out devices must also support them then the best in both software and hardware.

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