Acer Liquid Metal with Vodafone to 399 € from November

Add to Wish List Vodafone in a previous article we showed today we find an interesting new product. It dell'Acero Liquid Metal. The terminal with Android Froyo 2.2 capacitive More »

Acer Liquid Metal for pre-order from Media World to 399 €

This morning, looking for some interesting offer on the site Mediaworld, I came across a very interesting product. It dell'Acero Liquid Metal. Not yet specified a release date, but More »

Acer Liquid Metal: overview full in 6 video [Updated: video in Italian by]

The Acer Liquid Metal is one of the most anticipated end of this period, probably for its money, design, materials and also for the support and updates that Acer More »

Available in Android Gingerbread (V20e) LG Optimus One branded Wind

Good news for all owners of LG Optimus One branded Wind, now and in fact also available for these devices upgrade to Android Gingerbread appointed V20e. Here's the official More »

Acer Liquid Metal vs iPhone 4 today offers us a nice video comparison between two very powerful smartphone, from one side of the ring: Acer Liquid Metal, on the other: iPhone 4. Who will More »

Android 2.3 Gingerbread for HTC Desire Z will come at the end of June

While HTC Desire HD and HTC Incredible S are receiving the update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread in these days, the HTC Desire Z seems to be still under development. More »

HTC Wildfire S from Mediaworld to 299 €

In the marketing chain Mediaworld here comes another device to list the house Taiwanese, the HTC Wildfire S. The HTC Wildfire S and a mid-range device at a price More »

HTC Desire Z available from Expansys

From twitter eXpansys informs us that the new HTC Desire Z aka G2 and available on their website at the price of € 539.99. The time now is left More »

One S HTC on offer at Snapfish to 489 €!

One S and HTC smartphone truly wonderful in all aspects. We've reviewed recently and we were thrilled. One of the great problems of this smartphone, as of the last More »

Acer Liquid Mini will arrive in Italy (press release)

By e-mail us and got the press release that announced in an official capacity that the Acer Liquid Mini (presented at this time at CES 2011) will arrive in More »

HTC One: impressions and comments

Last Thursday, March 22, we attended the official presentation of the new Italian series of HTC smartphones, called One. HTC invited us at the Terme di Milano, where he More »

Huawei Ascend G600: first impressions and videoanteprima from

Ascend G600 and the proposed new midrange Huawei, it's going to be located on top of the already known Ascend G300. This new smartphone is the relationship features / More »

White LG Optimus 3D comes in and offer to 399 €

LG Optimus 3D, the first smartphone capable of recording and playing in 3 dimensions, we had seen only in black and now comes in white and also on offer. More »

LG Optimus 3D Gaming Edition with 14 Gameloft games free!

San Donato Milanese, October 10, 2011 – For all those who purchase the new LG Optimus 3D Gaming Edition between October 1, 2011 and January 31, 2012, there will More »

LG Optimus Life, the complete Android experience within the reach of all

San Donato Milanese, February 9, 2011 – Compact, colorful, equipped with all the latest technology for optimal usability and at the same time simple and affordable: The new LG More »


Galaxy Nexus: how to get fast and any Quick Settings Widget Lockscreen

Galaxy Nexus: how to get fast and any Quick Settings Widget Lockscreen

Two of the most interesting novelty introduced by Google in Android 4.2 are represented by the Quick Settings and Widgets in Lockscreen. The former are comparable to the quick toggle that allows us to enable / disable various features such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and others. The latter however are a complete novelty, and allow us to display the desired content from our users directly from the unlock screen.

Surely this is a step forward made by Google but that did not fully convinced everyone, because such hours to activate the WiFi requires two steps instead of one, as reported in the Quick Settings section of the Settings where she can activate a particular function rather than allowing the turn quickly, as is the case in proprietary interfaces like TouchWiz or as allows the CyanogenMod team in its ROM. As for the widget in the lockscreen, however, the choice and limited because for now there are only a handful of widgets to choose from.

For this reason, the forum member of XDA kevdliu has developed a modification that you can install on your Galaxy Nexus if you have on board any deodexed ROM based on Android 4.2. The MOD is the ability to enable or disable functionality as WiFi, Bluetooth, Brightness toggle as if they were, then selecting only once. In addition, also, there is even the dedicated button for the activation of the GPS, absent in Android 4.2 stock.

To check if the one you have on board and a deodexed ROM just launch any file manager that allows you to browse the folders of the system (which must also have root permissions) and check that the folder system / app there is no file with the extension ". ODEX."

Kevdliu, however, does not make a change just for Quick Settings. In fact also makes another mod that you can install on your Galaxy Nexus under the same conditions imposed on the Quick Settings, then deodexed ROM, root and custom recovery. This mod makes it possible to place any widget of any application in the new Lockscreen of Android 4.2, as you can see from the following image.

In this way you will have to necessarily wait until the developers update their applications by making available its widget for the lockscreen. Find all the details for the installation in its guides we have posted on our Forum and we remind you to make a Nandroid backup before making any changes to the system.

[MOD Android 4.2] Quick Settings such as Toggle [MOD Android 4.2] Any Widgets in Lockscreen


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